The Green Development of beautiful Yanqing

|ChinaNews|2020-11-06 11:40:47

The Green Development of beautiful Yanqing

International Grape Exhibition Garden [Photo by Zhang Yan]

This year marks the end of The Thirteenth Five-Year Plan. In the past five years, the Yanqing District of Beijing has persisted in the principle of Green Development. With the opportunity brought by the Beijing 2022 and the World Horticultural Exposition, Yanqing District has continued to strengthen the construction of ecological civilization, promote the in-depth development of tourism, and explore the Green Development of beautiful Yanqing.

With the opportunity of organizing the Beijing 2022, Yanqing's urban construction has vigorously developed. Five supporting highway projects for the World Horticultural Exposition have been upgraded, three highway support projects around the Beijing 2022 have been started in succession, and the Beijing-Zhangjiakou High-speed Railway has been put into operation. One Green Development event after another has not only broken the transportation bottleneck that has plagued Yanqing for many years but also added wings to the economic and social development of Yanqing. The Beijing 2022 and the World Horticultural Exposition have not only become a catalyst for the development of transportation in Yanqing, but also ushered in a good time for the development of modern horticulture and related industries, and also made the accumulation effect of the development of ice and snow industry increasingly prominent, making more and more people make money from ice and snow industry.

The Green Development of beautiful Yanqing

Teenagers in Yanqing actively participate in winter sports activities [Photo by Zhang Yan]

In recent years, based on its ecological advantages, Yanqing District has taken "develop tourism on the cultural basis" as one of the important links of high-quality Green Development, continuously strengthened the resource integration, and comprehensively improved the tourism service capacity by building the whole area tourism intelligent service system and developing the "beautiful Yanqing" small program. At the same time, Yanqing District constantly cultivates new ways of tourism consumption, which makes the traditional characteristic culture and modern vitality interweave and collide, and bursts out dazzling brilliance again.

Yanqing develops the whole area tourism,persist in lay equal stress on protection and development of tourism. In September this year, after nearly three years of cultural relic repair, infrastructure improvement, and cultural atmosphere construction, the Jiuyanlou Great Wall Ecological Exhibition Area was reopened to visitors. During the upgrading period, under the premise of soil and water conservation, ecological protection, Carbon-fixing and Oxygen-releasing, and biodiversity protection, the exhibition area has improved the basic service facilities such as large and small landscapes, logo guide, etc., and connected with the surrounding B&B, chrysanthemum planting, the sea of flower landscape, etc., to promote the deep integration and development of cultural, sports, tourism and other ecological plates.

Driven by technological and cultural innovation, in recent years, Yanqing District has also caught up with the green "high-end" industries, focusing on the three golden cards of the Great Wall, the World Horticultural Exposition, and the Beijing 2022.

Focusing on the industrial UAV and military UAV industry, Yanqing focuses on the development of the UAV industry chain. Yanqing promotes regional development through industrial transformation and upgrading, creates a UAV innovation base integrating production, research and development, testing and office work, and issues policies and measures to promote industrial development. At the same time, it has established a UAV engineering college to carry out personnel training in the whole industrial chain.

At present, Yanqing's new energy and energy Internet industry is also developing rapidly. Up to now, the total number of new energy and energy Internet enterprises in Yanqing Park of Zhongguancun has reached 153, involving Clean Energy, New Infrastructure, Big Data, Energy Internet, R&D and production of air purification equipment, environmental monitoring, and other fields. To continuously optimize the business environment and accelerate the gathering of scientific and technological innovation elements, Zhongguancun Yanqing park also issued a series of guidelines and policies, such as "Measures for accelerating the development of new energy and energy Internet industry", which has added impetus to the promotion of high-quality Green Development in the region. (Wang Yuqi)