A Journey to Yanqing in Golden Autumn

|ChinaNews|2020-10-14 17:48:56

A Journey to Yanqing in Golden Autumn_fororder_EXPO

A corner of Beijing Expo 2019 [Photo by Zhang Yan]

With colorful shades and a warm temperature, Yanqing District is always the most wanted destination in Beijing for an autumn sightseeing. During the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holidays, Yanqing embraces tourists from near and afar, who find themselves immersed in the magnificent scenery and stuck in the graceful beauty of autumn in Guichuan, an old laudatory name of Yanqing.

During the holidays, Yanqing is a land which is dyed in various colors. In the Beijing World Horticultural Exposition Park, scents of fall are permeating as shades of red and green dyed over the flowers and trees, where Yongning Pavilion is hidden but looming, making the sleek lines of the structure appears even more graceful. You may call your friends for a stroll among the flowers under an umbrella, taking some photos, and leave the best memories.Swaying on the Flower Sea of Four Season, the lovely flowers, roses of ardour and the marigolds of luxury, evoke every dreamed romantic scenario. In Banquan Sports Park, fresh air and the lush green nudge you into the deep of paddy field along the boardwalk. There come the golden waves of rice, telling everyone the joy of a bumper harvest.

During the holidays, Yanqing is a land where you share majestic views. The grand Badaling Great Wall sits squarely under the high sky and curls and waves over the mountains where the colored leaves dyed in layers. Such unforgettable scenery attracts countless visitors every year. They climb the Wall while feeding their eyes with the splendid autumn views, excited about fulfilling their dreams of reaching the top of the famous Great Wall, where the calls of excitement echo among the lofty mountains.

During the holidays, Yanqing is a land of peace that touches your soul. The homestays in the countryside quietly awaken the your nostalgia, giving new vitality to the old houses. Together with family, you may find the true life in the tranquil villages,  leading your kids across a stream, or listening to a smooth song, making yourself relaxed with an immersion in the beautiful surroundings. It is in this moment that you may realize the smiling faces of family become the warmest bless in autumn.

During the holidays, Yanqing is a land which is open for all. Each and every visitor from near and afar can find the best options here. scenery, folk customs, ancient architecture, delicious food, music... Yanqing is blessed with a unique natural environment and the local residents spare no effort in discovering the finest tourism resources to share with visitors.