The Yunnan Garden of Beijing Expo 2019: showing the beauty of colourful Yunnan to the world

|ChinaNews|2019-11-24 21:39:43

From April 29th to October 9th, International Horticultural Exhibition 2019 Beijing was held in Yanqing District, Beijing. During the expo, all the pavilions and gardens bloomed like flowers, providing visitors with a rich horticultural feast. The Yunnan Garden among them is like a delicate camellia, with its unique horticultural design and garden landscape, leading visitors to a journey to the colourful Yunnan.

The Yunnan Garden covers an area of 3,000 square meters. In the garden, twelve scenes such as "auspicious elephants welcoming guests", "peacock dancing square", and "tea whispering" were scattered all over the place; all kinds of rare plants showed the charm of Yunnan as the "kingdom of plants"; buildings with Bai people's residence and Mu Fu Mansion as prototype showed the colourful folk customs… The Yunnan Garden has shown the unique charm of Yunnan to the world from the perspectives of natural scenery, architectural features, history and culture.