The Beijing Garden of Beijing Expo 2019

|ChinaNews|2019-10-09 23:06:12

The Beijing Garden of Beijing Expo 2019 has taken the old Beijing's "courtyard houses" as the core landscape, welcome guests from all over the world, and let the world appreciate the beauty of livable Beijing from small courtyards.

Gazing at the China Pavilion in a distance, the Beijing Garden covers an area of 5350 square meters, and is the largest regional exhibition garden in the Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition Park. Walking out of the China Pavilion, and turning around the palace wall, you can see the decorated archway of the antique Beijing Garden, in which there is an inscription "Harmony and Agreeableness(He He Ru Yi)". On both sides of the archway are patches of gables drawn from Beijing’s residential buildings. Along the road, the gables retreat layer by layer, as if you were traversing time and space. Walking along the gable into the "Hutong of Sophora Trees", the road is made of black bricks, over which there are flourishing Chinese scholar trees. Occasionally, you can find two apricot trees, full of flowers.