Liugou Brazier-Pot Tofu Banquet

|ChinaNews|2019-08-02 09:31:24

Liugou Brazier-Pot Tofu Banquet is available in Liugou Village, Jingzhuang Town, Yanqing District. In 2003, Liugou villagers created Liugou Brazier-Pot Tofu Banquet, which became popular in the entire city. Since then, Liugou has been developed into a featured folk village. At the beginning of 2019, a total of 112 households were engaged in the tofu banquet. The banquet is characterised by vegetarian dishes and balance portion of vegetables and meat, surrounded by three auxiliary pots with rural characteristics, three small bowls and six cold dishes. The layout implies the expectations for stability, progress and smoothness. On the basis of traditional brazier pot, the Phoenix City-Brazier Pot-Farmhouse Tricolour Tofu Banquet was created.