The impression on Yanqing: Dragon Lakes

|ChinaNews|2019-02-11 21:46:08

There are five Dragon Lakes in Yanqing: Yellow Dragon Lake, Black Dragon Lake, White Dragon Lake, Red Dragon Lake, and Blue Dragon Lake. Yellow Dragon Lake is located in Shangmo Village, Yongning Town. It is the main source of Gui River. Black Dragon Lake is in the Black Dragon Gorge. White Dragon Lake is near the Changchi Road in the south of Dazhuangke Village. Tourists can see one of the world's most peculiar glacier mills here. Red Dragon Lake is in the gorge between Mengjiayao Village and Caonian Village, and there is a folk tale about the dragon and the lake. Blue Dragon Lake is located in the Sisi Village, Yongning Town. There is a giant rock of 10 tons on the cliff along the lake. In some ancient books, the rock was called sharp-weapon rock.